Monday, January 21, 2008

The EDD Diary #8 - "Say Goodbye"

15 EDD Spam weekending 10/08/07

Forget about fake just say goodbye.
Say goodbye to your large loads, your knockdowns, your need to plan.
Say goodbye to being a real man.
Say goodbye to your tablets, your soft tabs, your plenty of reasons.
Relax, you don’t have to boost your confidence.
You don’t have to strengthen the parts of your life that add excitement.
You don’t have to boost your confidence to enjoy those enjoyable parts.
Just say goodbye to Justin Weir, to Gregory Nickerson and Adeline Cornell.
Say goodbye to Philip Hooks, to Ali Price and Dena Frey.
Relax and say goodbye.
Goodbye Jessica Doss.
Goodbye Antonia Cash.
Goodbye Eddie Quinn.

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