Thursday, September 13, 2007

The EDD Diary #3 - "Filling forms are not necessary"

This week ending 06/07/07, I have received 12 EDD spam, a bit disappointing really, maybe they are finally giving up on my “extended period of effectiveness”
Did you know these nice people are concerned about my relationship with my partner, concerned about my “pressure to perform”. Well I really never have the pressure to perform, it just sort of happens, sort explodes out of me. Like, when I suddenly decided I would do a spontaneous tap dance in the kitchen. I did workshop some movement ideas last night, in the lounge room, in an effort to get warm. Do you really think my “performance” has anything to do with “heightened Libido”?
I suppose some people would wonder when I bash a tambourine, or punch a chocolate santa in the face, let alone stuff a heart shaped chocolate cake in my mouth followed by swigging a glass of champagne. Yet I work “fast”, work “effectively”, I am “ready” and I very rarely “plan around meals”, although, I have found some performance I really need to “relax and take the time”
The “fact is, when taken correctly”, “ 10 pills…20pills…30 pills…60 pills…90 pills”, will produce a “heightened” state of “soma” and I am not talking a “sugar pill”, for “up to 36 hours and in as fast as 30 minutes” with “up to 5 times more semen volume” in that “stone-hard manhood” Whoa! Bit scarey really, do you think you really want to be around for that?
Soma was the drink of the gods to which they owed their wisdom and immortality. In the earthly rituals its intoxicating properties gave man an ecstasy that filled them with spirit and identified them with the gods. It is possible, I suppose that it “enlarged penis length and girth” but it was not an “innovation in male enhancement”
“Kathie Kirk”, I don’t pretend to know her, beleives you need not “have a problem” when you can have a “good erection”.
Can you imagine being a man and looking down at your erect penis and saying “Oh good erection, you are such a good erection, what shall we do today oh good erection?”
No wonder “men like having them” it gives them something to talk to and of course “women love receiving” a “good erection”, although I am sure some women have been known to beat them off, in the more unwanted sense of the term, saying “Oh bad erection, Oh bad bad erection! Get away from me and out of my sight!”

Does bring a certain Monty Python sketch to mind

So I think I might just leave that all there.


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