Thursday, September 13, 2007

The EDD Diary #4 - "Then had come word of the death of the other Fragments"

Week ending 13/07/07, my EDD spam, clocked in at 18. They came in thick and fast towards the end of the week, as if they suddenly realised my agenda and better get a few more in.

It’s “the beginning of the sale”. “The most effective male enhancement formulas with multiple effect!” Wow, this got my attention! So what does this miraculous formula enhance?
Immediately I am thinking of a world of spunky, intelligent men, who are not obsessed with their penis! Not that I want them to be disinterested in the bedroom, (just maybe more interested in the loungeroom , the kitchen, the theatre, the yard, the park,..) Suddenly a whole new creative world is possible! Imagine if men thought more about the quality of their kissing technique. You know, it is a sad fact, that men don’t realise that when women get together and talk about the latest encounter, the first thing they usually comment on, is not the penis, it is whether the kissing was good. A good kisser can undo a woman, a good kisser knows how to map a woman’s body, a good kisser is present, knows how to linger, knows how to ravage. A bad kisser may just find the door closing, regardless of “erectile” capabilities, mastering of “premature ejaculation” or “penis length”. “Just give it a little kick” boys, “there is a run on” “enjoyable” and kissing “can really help”.
Imagine “the inability for a sexually active male to obtain and sustain an erection for sexual purposes” could lead to a whole new creative approach, where greater heights of sexual/ sensual pleasure are realised. Come on, the tantra masters have known this for a millennia, why are the rest of us consumers so slow on the uptake? Too obsessed with the quick “O”.
So here it goes, in this list of lists that has been accumulating, sent to me by those concerned citizens. This week I will replace “penis” with “lips” and “erections” with “kissing”, just to see what we have got. Imagine these male enhancers offering such benefits as

• Enlarged lip length & girth
• Much harder kissing
• Longer-lasting kisses
• Faster recoil strength
• More pleasurable orgasms
• No premature ejaculation
• Heightened libido
• Boost to your confidence
• Works up to 36 hours
• Works fast
• Works Effectively
• Keeps you ready
• No need to plan around meals
• Used by millions of men
• Helps men with ED achieve harder kisses
• Helps men with ED maintain kissing during sex
• Can work in as little as 14 minutes
• Kisses can help satisfy the partners of men with ED
• Has a proven safety record
• Works for men with ED who also have a wide range of health issues
• Can be taken with other medications
• As safe for your heart as a sugar pill
• All popular drugs can be chucked
• Special internet pricing no longer required
• No doctor visits
• No prescriptions
• Fast worldwide shipping
• Friendly customer support
• Full Customer Satisfaction

“Will you be ready?” for this new takeover? “Suppose there’s some connection” between EDD and lack of kissing. Maybe that elusive “stone-hard erection” is due to the fact that a few classes were skipped in the sensuality training school. Imagine the kiss being touted as the “100% effective manhood booster”.

“We’d like to present to you” the “100% effective virility formula”!
If your sex life needs a re-boot it is the “Perfect way to turn back time”
“Become the most powerful lover in your sexual partner’s life with” improved kissing technique!
There’s the “Nice to meet you!” kiss. The “Glad to meet you!” kiss and the “much much more surprises for you today” kiss!

Hmmmm, well unless schools are set up I suppose there is no profit to be gained and if there is no price tag attached, it is worthless. People just don’t seem to value something that is being sold for free these days (unless they can exploit it for profit). People just don’t understand free with all its complexities, people have lost touch with freedom.

“Rand had no idea what Haman was talking about, but it did not seem the time to ask.”

“The return value FALSE is interesting, but not helpful.”
“I grasped her hand. It was, after all, designed by humans.
How terrible to be dead, and know you were dead, and locked away in the darkness.”

Oh dear, time to go the doom is creeping in


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